is the new line of professional products that simply and effectively meet the needs of the Ho.Re.Ca channel.

Easy to choose: lots of products for guaranteed cleaning and hygiene in the different contexts, including kitchen, community spaces, bathrooms, work areas and hotel rooms.
The Sutter Easy line also includes waxing and carpet washing.
Perfect for food prep areas, it complies with the strictest HACCP standards.

Easy to use

the Sutter Easy labels are designed to simplify your work.
Crisp, clear icons make the room and context for product use instantly recognisable.
Each colour corresponds to a category and helps you identify the right product straight away.

Easy to fund

The high standard of quality of Sutter Easy and the highly concentrated product make it cost-effective.
In addition, our researchers have selected raw materials and recycled plastic packaging that are designed to be environmentally-friendly and safe to use.

The result is a highly sustainable range of products.

Discover the Sutter Easy products!

The right solution for all environments


Different solutions designed for every kind of floor and to satisfy the end user.

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A complete range of products to clean all furniture, bathrooms and washable surfaces.

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Designed solutions for an environment where hygiene and cleanliness are fundamental.

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Tough formulas on dirt but delicate on fabrics, they get rid of stains without causing colours to run.

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The solution for hand care and hygiene in public places and in food areas.

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